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  1. I enjoy Randy's spirited, uplifting music and friendly way. So sorry that he has passed but glad to be reminded of his talent and sound. My son, Marc, Un-1, always enjoyed performing with Randy. Marc and so many of Randy's friends and fans are…
  2. My thanks, Mike. I look forward to seeing the whole video. Have been in touch with an online friend whose Dad was one of the lost airmen, and who lived through to the liberation. Graham
  3. Lovely to see. Imagine if we could have HD videos of the sculptors, stone and wood workers of centuries ago.
  4. A good cause, and thanks for making the video and posting it.
  5. Graham Stokes commented on EARTH
    The organism looks back at where it has been living for years, curious, still trying to understand the place, yet wondering if and when it will have to leave.
  6. where is that last spot with the spinning flat topped nipple. I wanna ride that bad.