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•A.S.E. Is First and Foremost a Distributor of hybrid sports that are the evolution of Base sports like Boarding, Kiting, Skiing, In-line we are also carry electronic apparel, Clothing and Fashion Accesories.
•A.S.E. is the first stop for Retailers to find product that offer their clients the edge products allowing them to stand out of the crowd of the same ole' same ole' product lines
•A.S.E. is where Resorts, Sports Camps and Adventure facilities discover there is really more than just one season or sport for them.
•A.S.E is an educator training and certifying Pro’s, Semi Pro’s and Retailers in all of our sports formats through innovative online programs including Video Training.
•A.S.E. is where media from all over North America like Film, Television & Print come to us to find some of the most unique and innovative sports currently out there.
•A.S.E is home to major corporations looking to associate and cross brand their product to hot new action sports.
•A.S.E. is the start to entrepreneur’s looking to find a complete line of products and protected territories to start their own distribution.

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