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By day, mild mannered creative-type person working with my collective, Then, by night, weekends, holidays and tea breaks I run with a passion!

This is a free (to user) website that is essentially a Friends' Reunited for rubbish, matchmaking those with nifty ideas for finding second uses for stuff with those who can't bear to chuck stuff away if new ways can be suggested to save time, money... or the planet. It is not FreeCycle (though there is a version called JunkkYard on site), but actually finding ways to make stuff out of things destined for the refuse bin!

And from this was created RE:tie, a patented new packaging enviro-design that has re:evolutionised the caps of bottles and jars to turn them from being a throw-away to something consumers will want to keep.

It would be great to meet others to complement my efforts.

Across the board. While I lay claim to being 'creative', it's old school with a pencil and paper. I use IT and the web but don't understand how it works. I'd love to get on board with much more from so-called web 2.0 and other netly activities to drive a sustainable business whilst doing good by the future.

I believe the web is the way to do it, and via persuasion, not fee, fine, fear or guilt.

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