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The Legend of RATA
A man with dreadlocks is walking the streets of Cabarete.
An older Dominican is calling «RATA, hey look over here!»
Then the old man to say: «Hey RATA, Bob Marley!»
He now understands: «OK it is me the old man is calling by the name of RATA!»
Dominicans speak a Spanish with silent «S». The old man said «RATA» when he actually meant «rasta».
After travelling the world, in search of waves and wind, the legend of RATA started.
The wind is playing in the palm trees,
The waves are breaking in the distance,
We will ride the elements,
Sun is shining
See you in the water!

The Legend of GATA
GATA was the most beautiful girl living on a tropical island
Her beauty was so majestic that all the men started fighting for her
It was decided to send her far away in the middle of the ocean
At night GATA comes back from the depth of the sea
and takes men with her forever...

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