Raf Gerlach

Warsaw, Poland

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In a year 2000 I've participated in Sundance Institute's 4th Central European Screenwriters Lab with my screenplay "Przedsionek piekła" ("The Antechamber of Hell").
From 2002 till 2004 I have attended acting workshop "Anima Art - Lee Strasberg's Method Acting", based on the original teaching program of New York's Actors Studio.
Since that time I've been cast in several Polish TV series (including "Plebania", "Na Wspólnej", "Służby specjalne"), as well as in movies "Sztuka masażu", "Parę osób, mały czas", "7 minut", "Wywiad", "Ciało Chrystusa", "Animus", "Vocuus", "Solange"... and few others.
I'm also directing now, having made so far two independent films - "Bliskość" ("Closeness") and "Pamiętaj o mnie" ("Remember Me").

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