Alejandro Ramirez Rojas

Bogota, Colombia

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India Catalina TV Award nominated in 2014. Winner in 2013 and 2012 and 4 times nominated to Macondo Awards by the Colombian Academy of Film Arts and Sciences, recognized in 2008 by the Colombian Magazine Cambio as one of its 25 leaders, and the Ministry of Culture in association with the British Council as the Colombian Young Musical Entrepreneur, this composer and orchestra conductor is one of the most remarkable personalities in Colombian film music.

Winner in 2005 of the Best Score Achievement from the Call of the Motion Picture Film District from Bogotá, and in 1998 of the Alvaro Ramírez Sierra Composition Contest of the Fine Arts Institute from Cali, has written and produced music for major films such as Apaporis, Atacama’s 33, Aluna, Poker, La Sargento Matacho, Yo soy otro, Relaciones peligrosas, among others.

Their film scores with high standards of production, his versatility as a composer and the use of innovative resources of orchestration have shown in their aesthetic quest a clear understanding of film language that had won him the recognition to his remarkable and devoted career.

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