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Ameer Muhammad ( a dynamic and focused visionary filmmaker. Less than one year of graduating from Georgia State University’s film school, he produced his first feature film entitled, “Hibana”. Hibana has been screened and nominated for best feature documentary in 2012 at the Bronze Lens Film Festival in Atlanta, GA, as well as the 2013 Africa World Film Festival in St. Louis, MO and the 2013 Isle of Wight Film Festival in London, United Kingdom.

Hibana is a documentary film about an American man that travels to the Dominican Republic. He does not know Spanish but is introduced to a Dominican woman and they fall for each other. They each have two children and now a new girl (Hibana) on the way. The audience learns the Dominican culture through following this very unique family as he learns Spanish and is introduced to an entire new way of life. The film has a dramatic twist that is sure to surprise all.

Ameer’s main focus is documentary films. He has a natural talent for telling stories and bringing out the positive in even the worst of circumstances. “Documentary is where my heart is as a filmmaker. I enjoy observing unscripted reality and telling didactic stories that leave the audience wanting to know more and perhaps seeking out their own knowledge about what they have seen.”

Ameer also has a background in music and writing. In 2012 he finished his first children's book entitled “My First Million” and has several positive music albums that he has written and produced. “My background in music and writing has definitely helped in producing films. When I am shooting I have a good sense of what I am listening for and in post I generally know exactly the kind of mood or sounds as well as placement of the shots, so the process just moves faster I think.”

Ameer directs, edits, and sound designs all of his films. “I actually don’t do all of that by choice, much of that is do to budgeting, but I do enjoy each process and have gotten it down to a sort of science. I think I will always want to be apart of each process in some way, but I am flexible if the end result is something that I think captures the intended goal.”

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