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bangkokvanguards is the brainchild of a group of young, creative Bangkokians. Some from Thailand, some from Germany and some from both worlds, hence Thais born in Germany but all share the global outlook, the strong passion for Thailand and exploring and the desire to make a difference.

How are we attempting to achieve that? As bangkokvanguards our purpose is to deliver unusual, inspiring, personal and fun travel experiences around the Kingdom of Thailand to not only enrich the lives of our visitors but that of others as well since vanguards by our definition are individuals who are connectors and explorers, explorers not only of their cultural roots and interesting places but also of innovative ways to make a positive difference in the world, be it as social businesses, social enterpreneurs or by simply by raising awareness and spreading good feelings. Thus everyone can be a vanguard. Bangkok is our home, our heart, thus we are bangkokvanguards. Where are YOU from?

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