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I was born in Rimini, the same native city as Federico Fellini, on April 14, 1978.
My passion about art and storytelling started when I was a young kid, but when I grew up, searching for discipline myself, I attended the University of Bologna achieving a MFA in Law.
I become a lawyer but I quit very soon to become a businessman. Coming from a low class family without financial resources to help me to follow my artistic dreams, I started my very first company at 24 with the goal to become wealthy and free enough to finance my own artistic projects. I achieved my goals as a self made man in few years of hard work.
Unfortunately owning and managing a company with 10 propriety shops and 30 franchise ones gave me the money but it sucked from me every still of time.
Frustrated to the impossibility of follow my artistic dreams I left the direction of my societies in 2010 to attempt the New York Film Academy in New York where I started to shoot my very first movies. As soon as I graduated, I went back to Italy to sell or close all my companies only to return to USA to dedicate myself only at filmmaking.
(Even if I maintained my business sense...)

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