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  1. Just wonderful Joshua, I loved every aspect the absolute craftsmanship in the story and the shooting and found the talent totally captivating. Well done just magic. Robert
  2. Wonderful viewing experience and just delightful. Well done.
  3. Amazing, What a combination of great performance, super pictures, great sound track and wonderful editing the best of this genre I have seen. Brilliant.
  4. Inspiring. Julian this is just wonderful film. You have lifted the bar many notches. You should be very very proud. Well done it made my day to see such a terrific and innovative application of time-lapse.
  5. I meant to ask what was the colour grading program? Best Robert
  6. Thank you I really enjoyed it. Lovely shots and great music. Made me wonder why I drag my 5 cases of equipment with me when I go to these places.
  7. Oooh, what a wonderful video. Such a simple story so well told. Congratulations, I just loved it. Best regards Robert