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Born in 1980 in Warsaw, Poland, and reared in both the last days of the Soviet empire and the birth of the modern Polish nation,
Pawel Kozłowski turned to art at an early age. The need to escape the confusion and complexities of the time gave life to the artist within; Swanski, the nom de guerre he adopted around this time, was borne. Swanski works in diverse mediums such as graphic design, illustration, painting, animation, clothing design, and ink. Drawing influences from all corners of globe—from Hokusai to Durer to Raymond Pettibon to name but a few—his style is not easy to categorize or pigeonhole.
In 2001, he created Swanarts, an illustration, design, and art studio. Then, in 2007, he established Turbokolor, a clothing-and-design company inspired by art. He currently resides in Warsaw.

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