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We do things one way - with passion.

For over ten years, AgileCat’s team of senior-level talent has inspired a wide range of brands, pioneering creative paths for clients through branding, design, public relations, and digital and social media strategies. We thrive on the diversity of our clients, affording us the ability to tackle each client’s needs with a fresh perspective. From international consumer products to local gastropubs, AgileCat works with a wide variety of industries. We are proudly based in Center City Philadelphia – look for the team around town hurrying to the latest client presentation or toasting at one of our favorite haunts.

Our Mission ----- We engage as a team to propel our clients’ growth through collaboration, empowerment and unparalleled results.

Branding ----- Clients come to us in need of brand clarity. Brand Therapy™ is a proprietary process developed by AgileCat that is comprised of a series of interviews designed to extract the core challenges and unique goals of a company, organization or individual. Our thorough branding process leaves no question unanswered and enables AgileCat to evolve any brand into one that realizes its full potential.

Public Relations ----- A successful public relations campaign can change the future of a company, organization or individual. AgileCat’s public relations process is built on our highly experienced team of professionals telling the right stories to the right audience for maximum exposure.

Advertising ----- AgileCat breathes life into brands with powerful creative campaigns that make lasting impressions across all types of media. We use our expertise to communicate a brand’s voice through the use of clever copywriting, strong imagery and clear messaging. Our campaigns have been recognized widely for their ability to synergize creativity with business goals.

Design ----- At AgileCat, we meet each challenge with a combination of talent, inspiration, collaboration and passion. We believe great design can change the way we communicate and inspire thoughtful response. Our ability to create, through words and images, defines a brand’s ultimate visual and verbal message. We are visual problem solvers, whether it means designing identities, websites, exhibits, packaging, advertising campaigns, posters or albums.

Social Media ------ AgileCat integrates digital and social services to strengthen consumer engagement, raise awareness, shift opinions, and create experiences that get people talking. Our services include competitive assessment, content strategy, action plan development and implementation, and interim reporting.

Events ------ From conceptualization to execution, our event planning combines vast logistical and event expertise with long-standing relationships throughout the entertainment and hospitality industries. AgileCat creates an environment where guests have a fun, unique and memorable experience – all, while interacting with the brand.

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