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DESCUADRO PRODUCCIONES is a young audiovisual company from Madrid

Descuadro was born with a challenge: to take part and impulse a new cultural movement in the Internet and the Arts.

We present a complete audiovisual experience, involving music, film, web and graphic design, art, photography and cultural activity for excellence.

Living in an era of constant change and movement, with lots of particular characteristics, modern production media grows more accesible every day. We take this as a chance to make a vow with our clients: being able to strip down production outlines to our benefit allows us to offer a product that combines aesthetics, efficiency, immediacy and competitiveness.

We focus on exploding market possibilites: new artists craving to bring their ideas to a bigger audience. Our aim is to provide a unique opportunity for them, contributing our position and knowledge to create the grounds to share their vision. We take our chance to produce great work in our time with an understanding of what young societies are demanding.

We provide the alternative both for clients and exceptional nouveau artists, not capable of accessing high cost producing elements, giving them extraordinary results with low cost media.

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