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  1. The Creative Class

    The Creative Class Plus London


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    The Creative Class of MMXIV is our selection of today's influential people within the creative industry, sharing their thoughts, musings and opinions on their own creativity, the industry and how technology is changing it all. A project by WeTransfer.

  2. National Film Board of Canada

    National Film Board of Canada PRO Canada


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    The NFB is Canada’s most prestigious film institution and the winner of more than 5,000 awards, including 14 Canadian Screen Awards, 12 Oscars®, and 4 Palmes d’Or. We’ve been producing auteur docs and animation for nearly 80 years, capturing the most pivotal moments in recent Canadian…

  3. GenArts

    GenArts PRO Cambridge, MA


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    GenArts, Inc. is the premier provider of specialized digital visual effects for the film, broadcast and video industries. As visual effects have become essential to the art of storytelling, GenArts’ tools have emerged as the standard for creating high-end visual effects at leading studio, broadcast…

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