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Anna Ceeh- Russian-born artist Anna Ceeh (*Leningrad) has been working for nearly 10 years in the Austrian and international arts scenes, through photography, video, electronic and applied research. The vocabulary of her activities reflects and examines the dimensions of the real and the virtual in the context of the relationship between human being, object and space. Anna Ceeh and Franz Pomassl run the electronic label Laton. They organized numerous festivals and events in Austria, Slovakia, Belarus with participation of the most important representatives from CIS and Baltic States, Central Europe and Scandinavia highlighting the areas of advanced electronic music (as Zavoloka, Alva Noto, Mika Vainio, Pan Sonic, Tommi Grönlund, CM von Hausswolff, Randy Barracuda, Mesak etc). Currently, they are working on a book about the progressive electronic art and music scene in the countries of the post-Soviet Union.

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