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I am Nina van Bart, graduated June 2013 at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Man & Identity department. In this department I have developed myself as a texture designer, material designer, trend forecaster, visual artist and art director. Since my graduation I do work on freelance basis.

Often I create unknown identities and surrealistic atmospheres and make them become real, stimulate the senses and give experience and inspiration. Each project has an artistic realm that expire the worlds of film, photography, trend development, material development, graphic design, sculpture, culture and technology.

Each project I start with investigating the essence of the subject and then make a translation to the present time and the future. Thereby I work intuitively as a child, make new connections of extreme, and think outside the boundaries of the most daily materials. Then the personality and beauty of craftsmanship and the perfection of technology are to merge. Furthermore, I believe in the power of collaboration by pooling people with all the necessary skills and talents. This brings surprising discoveries and unknown combinations.

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