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Many years of working on psychedelic visuals, VJing and artworking, now working on shirt designs and postcards, illustration and animation, also some landart.

Dear visitors,
Im glad you found your way to my profile. Art is a fulltime job for me, I draw and paint ever since I could hold a pencil... Now Im working on various materials and stuff, mostly shirt designs and psychedelic visuals.

I was born and raised in the alps, the mountains of southern bavaria to be more specific. Therefore nature surrounds me every day.
Im applying for several universities and scholarships right now, so Im very stressed and hectic these days.

Im very interested in life itself, creation and the perception of reality. I believe the human being has all the potential to do great things. And I chose art to express my soul, to experience the things of the world and to communicate consciously. Lets cocreate our reality and make the world a better place with beautiful objects and ideas, films, designs, stories and any good artwork.

consciousness and positiveness any time, greetings and blessings to the world!


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