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iRZ is an international manufacturer of wireless products and integrated solutions. Today the company is a recognized leader in the Russian M2M industry.

iRZ is headquartered in Shenzhen (Southern China); the Research & Development Center is located in St. Petersburg (Russia). The compa­ny’s policy is to develop flexible architectural solutions and products, and to make the most efficient use of modern technologies while remaining sensitive to the dynamics of market development.

iRZ is successful because our highly trained staff is attuned to our customers' needs and we prioritize our responsibility to our partners.
We have combined European management techniques with Russian engineering expertise and the gigantic production capabilities of Asian industry. The union of the best from these regions enables us to develop and produce solutions that that conform to the concept: “Universal for world, individual for customer”.

iRZ products combine high quality components, support of all modern technologies and are priced reasonably. In terms of quality, our products stand up to global standards.

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