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  1. Very nice it's seems that the BMCC 4K is doing well in low light .... and I really loved the cinematography great lighing ... any details about that ?
  2. great commercial I want to know the cost of such advertising ; PM me please
  3. Amazing §§ I really loved the colors, what was your workflow , did you use any LUT ? it ook very sharp what lens did you use ? it's shot at what shutter speed? I sorry but I don't understand why did you shot at 1728x458, unsqueezed to 1728x736 ?
  4. great !! thank you :)
  5. great cinematography !!!! in which scene exactely did you use BMCC ?
  6. Looks amazing !!! what card did you use ?
  7. there are no crop factor when you shot 1280/60p ?