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Passionate about everything related to films and filmmaking, Usman Mukhtar started his career as an independent director, cinematographer and actor 7 years ago in Islamabad. A Graduate in Journalism, Usman started experimenting with cinematography and editing at an early age when he used to compile tribute videos for his favorite wrestlers.
Description Projects and Clients:

1- Organizations/Companies: • Kuch Khass: 1st and 2nd brand video - Direction, Cinematography and Post. The Sweetness Series: Direction, Acting and Post. • Zong: ‘Sab Keh Dou Pakistan’ TVC. • Telenor: Internal corporate video. • TLC Daycare Preschool: Promo video – Direction and Cinematography.

2- Individual Musicians/Music bands: • Haroon Rasheed’s Freddie Fiction: ‘I don’t dream’ - Direction, Cinematography and Post. • Farhan Saeed: “Kyun Gayi” – Direction, Cinematography and Post. • Abbas Ali Khan: ‘Par Main Hoon Ruka Sa’ – Direction and Cinematography. ‘Bilaskhani’ – Direction and Cinematography. • Saturn (the band): ‘Kuch Nahin’ - Direction, Cinematography and Post. • Natasha Ejaz: ‘Today is a day’ – Direction, Cinematography and Post. • Adil Omar (rapper): ‘Star Power’ – Post Production ‘Incredible’ – Post Production

3- Short Films: • Aasia: Direction, Cinematography and Post. • Black Coffee: Direction, Cinematography and Post. • Waking Dead: Direction and Post (Currently in Post Production)

4- Acting Projects: • The Sweetness Series (12 episodes) • Gol Chakkar (Comedy directed and produced by Shahbaz Shigri and Aisha Linnea Akhtar). • Theatre Productions: The Good Doctor 14/48 Theatre Festival 2008 The Producers Act 144 Pawnay 14 August.

5- Other Projects: • ‘I Dream of a Day’ viral video: Concept, Direction, Cinematography & Post.


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