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I am a former journalist and TV News Producer (Romania) looking to break into the film field in the USA as a story teller, being that by producing, directing, filming, writing, or editing.

My first short film, “Tristan and Isolde - A Polyphony”, won the Silver Reel at the 2012 MCA-International festival. I wrote, produced, directed, filmed, and edited it in 20 hours by myself.

I recently produced, directed, co-wrote, and edited “Still the Road” for the 48 Hour Film Project, San Diego 2012 and I cannot tell how blessed I feel for working with such an amazing team as the Purple Berets.

I am currently a News Editor for NBC 7 San Diego and I also edit SoundDiego, a music show airing on every Saturday at 1AM on NBC (after SNL).

I am a published writer in Romania, my country of origin, with thousands of articles and a book.

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