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State Refor(u)m is an online resource to assist states as they tackle the implementation challenges and opportunities created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Under the ACA--the federal health care reform law--states have unprecedented responsibilities to implement reform provisions, along with new avenues to foster health care excellence. But they can't do it alone. connects state health officials looking for implementation information and assistance to their peers and other experts who have relevant resources and experiences to share.

The site allows this community to:
• Post, organize, and share bill summaries, policy briefs, fiscal analyses, grant applications, work plans and more
• Search for and access information that cuts across programmatic, departmental and organizational boundaries in one, convenient location
• Engage in real-time discussions within and across states on implementation challenges, proposed solutions, and lessons learned; and
• Report their own state's progress toward implementation and celebrate others' successes.

State Refor(u)m and its users provide tools and information to aid states in meeting the ACA’s requirements, and to help them do so with excellence. More than just a storehouse of policy ideas, is an ever-evolving, dynamic community that adapts to meet the needs of its members.

State Refor(u)m is an initiative of the National Academy for State Health Policy, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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