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Friends, flmmakers and adventurers.

Studying both on flm schools in Den Bosch and Brussels they quickly cooperated in making their own short flms and internet video's. After learning the basics on school, during internships at national television and their frst jobs as independent flmmakers they travelled to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue their dreams. After years of being discouraged to try to work in the American flm industry they were ready to fnd it out themselves. After 3 months in California they came back with tons of experience and a series of 20 episodes called 'Making Hollywood' which aired on BNN's 101tv about Dutch flmmakers trying to make it in Hollywood.
This opened many doors and they soon found themselves in Amsterdam, working on tv series, movies, commercials and many internet video's as editors, camera operators and format developers.
Still, one of their goals, making an old school action movie, has yet to be reached. Focussing on making it as good as they can, they travelled back to Los Angeles to learn everything about making a solid action movie. From gun handling to making visual efects.
In just one month they came back with even crazier and more fantastic footage then before.
Making Hollywood part 2 will soon make its way onto the internet.

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