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  1. Gymnos

    by GYMNOS LIVE joined

    391 Videos / 911 Members

    The South African Gay Naturist Association. Providing opportunities for gay men to experience wholesome, non-sexual, nude social interaction in a positive way

  2. Nude male fashion shows

    by Eugene joined

    0 Videos / 4 Members


    by Kevin C Stroschein joined

    21 Videos / 36 Members

  4. L'observatoire de la nudité masculine / Monitoring the male nudity /

    by naked addict joined

    873 Videos / 1,140 Members

    Collectif de mutualisation de vidéo de nu masculin d'art, de performance, de manifestation, d'activité nu, d'érotisme, de sport, d'exhibition publique, de…

  5. nude male

    by robert joined

    284 Videos / 189 Members


    by Gastohn Barrios joined

    267 Videos / 690 Members

    This group is for that people that enjoy sensual hunk photographies and male beaty. See more at: http://www.gastohnbarrios.blogspot.com Keep in touch!

  7. male nude art

    by MenOf MyDreams joined

    17 Videos / 688 Members

    a group for men who like men and art, video art or photographic art with nude men ... But no hardcore ... please ! And I am sorry but no video just remixed from others videos from the net !!!

  8. Art of the Nude Male

    by Randy joined

    2,063 Videos / 1,760 Members

    The nude male in theatre, performance art, dance, film, and other artistic expressions, including political statements and athletics. If you know of a video appropriate for the group, send me a…

  9. NOS Naked On Stage

    by Frango joined

    3,895 Videos / 4,992 Members

    Only videos dealing with art, nude performances, theatre, dance theatre. "Naked on Stage" means an event infront of a public audience. So no videos of studio shoots or music videos. Also…

  10. Men in Briefs, Boxers or Bare Skin

    by Ldindaytona joined

    855 Videos / 1,168 Members

    Guys in or out their underwear. Semi or fully nude artistic, naturist or exhibitionist videos are invited.

  11. naked

    by naked stuff joined

    1,315 Videos / 2,293 Members

    naked naked me naked you naked she naked he naked them naked us naked everybody

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