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brooklyn, new york

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lately, i've been building a conception of mind that trades the typical blackhole version of an invisible linguistic
cloud floating somewhere around the head for something more ecologically embodied. and a body that isn't
bounded by skin, but that spans and expands outward to the full range of perception. so that if one opens a door
out onto the plains, the body-as-mind, literally, shapeshifts in the filling of a whole host of dimensions.
(imagine the biomorphisms that could transpire through experiencing a clear night sky. or confronting a naked singularity.
or peeping through a scanning electron microscope.)
...but the cascade of implications of such a shift would drastically affect the possibilities of
identity or meaning or history...

the expected reduction of experience into english, which even the present context implicitly demands, openly displays the requirements of
commensurability and, thus, ontological possibility of the currently accepted theory of mind enabled by a mental model built out of the materiality of language. as the recent discovery of arsenic-based life blatantly reveals; however, there is never a single material pathway to any
technological breakthrough, including mind-as-a-technology. [including "the recent discovery of arsenic-based life" as a technology]} as such, i'm driven to explore other material possibilities out of which to construct
the technology of mind in the hopes that others might not be so reductionist and, thus, increase the overall hi-defness of experience,
leading to expanded and alien intelligences with expanded and novel capabilities.

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