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  1. Has anyone figured out a solution to this?
  2. By the way, I saw the tip of uploading a blank pictures. But that makes my Vimeo profile or the use of the Vimeo community impossible... No way to turn it off? Or in the embed code point to a blank custom thumbnail?
  3. Hi there, same issue here, we have a light box, and we get a flickr from the thumbnail being displayed a split second. I can't seem to find a fix on the forum. Any tip? Jonathan Link: http://cpanel28.proisp.no/~kandiwrl/
  4. Soxiam, thanks for your reply, but I want to use this with embeds from other users. Obviously I cannot change the thumbnail picture there. Ability to just remove this via a query parameter in the embed (like the byline and title) would be great...
  5. If you really want to remove the thumbnail, you can upload a blank image to use as the thumbnail via video settings page.
  6. Hello, What is the best way to safely remove the embed? Currently I'm overwriting the innerHTML of the parent div in which the iframe is placed. However, this results in crashes in a certain editor on the mac. (Flash crashes due to the sudden…
  7. Hey Wesley, Could you send the link so we can check it out? Also, are you viewing this in Safari, and if so, do you have the HTML or Flash toggled as your default? Thanks, Ryan
  8. I have a link on my page to open a vimeo video in a lightbox. This video is set to auto play when that lightbox opens. This results in a flicker due to the thumbnail being shown for a split second first (the vimeo preview image), before the vimeo…