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  1. Has anyone figured out a solution to this?
  2. By the way, I saw the tip of uploading a blank pictures. But that makes my Vimeo profile or the use of the Vimeo community impossible... No way to turn it off? Or in the embed code point to a blank custom thumbnail?
  3. Hi there, same issue here, we have a light box, and we get a flickr from the thumbnail being displayed a split second. I can't seem to find a fix on the forum. Any tip? Jonathan Link: http://cpanel28.proisp.no/~kandiwrl/
  4. Soxiam, thanks for your reply, but I want to use this with embeds from other users. Obviously I cannot change the thumbnail picture there. Ability to just remove this via a query parameter in the embed (like the byline and title) would be great...
  5. If you really want to remove the thumbnail, you can upload a blank image to use as the thumbnail via video settings page.