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Ås, Norway

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I was born in 1988 in Bærum, Norway. I started to make films when I was around 12 years old, and I borrowed my father's Hi8 camcorder. It became my big hobby, and in 2006 I made a tv-series called "Fortapt" (, which had premiere at cinema with 110 invited. It took over a year to make the series, but it was worth it! I learned a lot, and I got a lot of feedback to help me further on making movies.

I started a company where I built and sold steadycams. ( The business went well, and Tv-companies like TVNorge and NRK bought my products. Later on I got a lot of requests of making commercials for different costumers. So I made my second company, where I earned money for making movies.

I have studied movie-directing, and DOP (director of photography) at "Nordland Kunst- og filmfagskole" in Lofoten, Norway. I was very pleased with the school, and I learn a lot!

Now, my dream has actually become real. I have managed to direct a feature film for the cinema, which is actually being screened all over Norway at this time (September 2011). The film is called "Til siste hinder" or in english: "Coming home" :)

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