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Years of expertise in the field of information factoring through a novel system of detail manipulation puts The Wells in a unique and competitive position in this growth industry. With a proven track record of on-time and on-budget delivery of outcomes designed to mitigate all levels of senior executive malfeasance, Wells has made a significant contribution to a number of high profile brands and organisations across a variety of sectors. His extensive list of high profile connections in the media industry mean his services can be invaluable in situations where ramification reduction is required. Wells is able to draw on an extensive list of experts able to deliver the right quote at the right time in the right place to limit negative outcomes in cases of executive uncertainty. His expertise spans all media and he has a proven track record of using social media to attract or deflect attention as required by the client. He has on-demand access to a number of high level politicians and is well positioned to lobby for the purposes of short, medium, and long-term outcomes designed to nurture pipeline-partnerships and maximise yield-profiles in the expanding arena of outsourcing in emerging sectors. Wells is the man to call on if you or your organisation has an urgent need for bullshit in a time of crisis and change. Wells' prison term added knowledge and gives him a skills base in the informal sector.

"Wells is a truly bullshit guy, he is really able to deliver. We had a problem, we called Wells, he hit the ground running. Thanks to Wells we were able to keep a lid on a really tricky situation. Wells may not be cheap but he represents great value for money."

Hugh Jarse
CEO of Romvesen Inc


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