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I spent 16 years in Nashville television news, shooting general news, features, and sports. It allowed me to travel around the world and meet a wide range of people. In 2006, I transitioned to the world of corporate video. I am currently a video producer for Nissan North America.


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  1. Kyle Thigpen commented on MUDDY POND
    Very nice! It really gave me a sense of being there, yet it never seemed intrusive. The nats and music were woven well together for a nice balance. And of course, now I want to try sweet sorghum!
  2. Great job! I spent 2 years on Mainstream and it was my favorite time in TV news. This brings back some memories, and reminds me what great people work there. Now to do one for "What Does the Fox Say?"! Ha!
  3. Very nice job! The Steadicam work is awesome as well. The only thing I thought was that Rudy needed a "prop" photographer next to him, but that's just because I was the "prop" covering the games for so many years. Great video! I did have one…
  4. Nice job! I like the mix of toys- jib, Steadicam, slider, etc. Someone here at Nissan told me about this winning a Telly so I had to check it out. Congrats!
  5. It's funny how the version on the YouTube GE Channel is in mono... or at least it sounds that way. This version sounds 100x better. Thanks for uploading it and great job!!!