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Collettivo NaDa is a contemporary dance project from the Interno5danza dance company artistically led by Antonello Tudisco in collaboration with several artist in the field of contemporary dance. We wants to investi- gate the strong relationship between dance and theatre languages, Explore and develop a choreographic and directorial vocabulary that focuses on the physical capabilities of artists involved, fusing the body languages with human experience and emotion to enhance new ideas of creating performance work. Commit ourselves to the exploration of dance through a navigation of artistic disciplines.To challenge, take risk and provoke thought. Entertain new audiences and share choreographic development. Producing dance performances of diffe- ring scales: from theatre performances to site-specific events, multi-media projects and a wide range of accessibility and educational projects.
As Choreographer
a dance project for the Skopje dance Theatre - premiere december 2015
premiere . Naples November 2015
Vapore Corporeo (New production)
production BTT / Lavanderia a Vapore - Turin, co -production Theatre Bellini - Naples
Premiere 8 November 2014 / Turin
DISMISURA_j’ai pas de autre choix
Project with Antonio Montanile and Alessandra Fabbri Residencies:Teatro Bellini -Naples, In Teatro - Polverigi, AIEP Ariella Vidach - Milan, Workspace Brussels.
Special thanks to la Raffinerie - Charleroi danses - Bruxelles. premiere at MilanOltre Festival, Fall 2015
The Pelican
Workshop and residency project about August Strindberg’s Drama in collaboration with the italian Director Orlando Cinque production Interno5 / Benevento Città Spettacolo Festival, Italy Premiere at Benevento Città Spettacolo Festival 2015
As Dance Group
My Name is LUIS...
production Interno5 / Theatre Bellini, Naples co-production ArtGarage and Theatre AreaNord, Naples
Residencies: ArtGarage and Theatre Bellini, Naples
Nefes/Respiro _every human Being is an artist_
production and co -production:
MIBAC Italian Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities / Region Campania / Interno5-Collettivo NaDa / Rete Piccoli Teatri Metro- politani - Theatre Network of Naples
Prizewinner for the Campania Region of notice “Teatri del Tempo Presente”, by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities. In.Co. Second chapter [the encounter]
First study - Naples March 2011
Second study - TanzArt Festival in Giessen
Final project – Milan January 2012
Co-productions Festival Movi|mentale/CDTM/Artgarage (Na- ples), PIM OFF (Milan)
//Whispers_the voice of the body (New project – premiere in Naples November 2012)
Co-productions Festival Movi|mentale/ Theatre Galleria Toledo (Naples), PIM OFF (Milan)
Re-Live Finki
Residency project at the Finkenschlag, under the residency pro- gram of PVC – Theater Freiburg
Co-productions Artgarage (Naples), PVC (Freiburg)
Sebastiano | Study for a luanguage
for the Biennale danza in Venice, in the frame of the Marathon of Unexpected – June 2010
Co-production Festival Movi|mentale/CDTM dance foundation Naples

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