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Latchman Balkaran a.k.a Lj Balkaran (born November 5, 1986) is a West Indian born film director and producer. He is best known for producing and directing music videos and commercials, which includes JA Rule, Maino, Levi’s, Axe and Victoria Secret. At an early age Lj was fascinated with movies and the heroes that they created. Soon Lj started creating his own stories and continue to perfect his skills while attending Tisch School of Arts (NYU), Stella Adler Studio for Acting and the New York Film Academy. Inspired by blockbuster director Michael Bay, Lj Balkaran earlier short films reflects such action pack fun. Some directors are scared of big action films, but Lj only craves on them and awaiting their challenges. Creating heroes bigger than life and lettings us escape into a world of fun adventures, action and danger is the goal of Lj Balkaran.

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