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New jersey

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Without the constraints imposed by formal training, I have developed my own techniques. I combine these with my abilities and my of love halloween. My art is primarily rendered in watercolors. I am often commissioned to do original paintings for collectors all over the world.

My art has been published on the cover of "A Halloween How-to," by Lesley Bannatyne with my original illustrations inside. It is one of Amazon’s top selling Halloween books (they say the cover sells the book). This book has sold out 2 printings at the publisher.

I have sold my art on Ebay for 10 years with hundreds of satisfied customers. Many of my patrons are repeat buyers.

I paint Haunted House Portraits for people throughout the year and send them to many parts of the world. I have created original paintings for collectors, reaching such places as England and Sweden as well as many of the 50 states.

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