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A native of Mexico City, I am a seasoned editor with over 9 years experience working on major brands, both in Mexico and here in the United States. Growing up in a city of over 24 million people has taught me many things, including how to get along with other people. Maybe that’s why I love the collaborative nature of my work. When the creative juices are flowing between like minded people is when the work is at its best, and I prefer to be right there in the middle of it. I have little use for the vacuums formed by creative despotism.
I love film, photography, art, food and of course music. In fact, music is probably the most influential thing in my life. Just like a good edit is made great by the right music and the right beat my life is constantly being improved with the addition of just the right soundtrack.
I love the outdoors, especially any activity that keeps me in tune with the rhythms of nature. Snowboarding and surfing top my list, but I’m usually up for anything and to keep the muscles and joints ready to go I hit the yoga studio while enjoying city life. I try and live my life like taking on a double-black diamond run in knee-deep powder; laidback and fun, but intense and focused all at the same time. I prefer hugs to handshakes and I never leave home without my iPhone and an open mind.


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