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  1. 05:55:32

    Gary Yost Photography

    by Gary Yost

    60 Videos

    Videos by Gary Yost

  2. 01:10:03

    Mt. Tamalpais

    by Gary Yost

    14 Videos

    Videos created about and around Mt. Tam.

  3. 01:35:14

    Mill Valley

    by Gary Yost

    8 Videos

  4. 32:24

    Gary Yost

    by Gary Yost

    4 Videos

  5. 01:12:27

    Greenwood School 8th Grade Graduation, 2012

    by Gary Yost

    3 Videos

    Three videos that comprise the graduation ceremony that took place on June 9, 2012 Part 1: Sharing from Debra Lambrecht, Marcy Summers, Tess McGinley and Anne Veh Part 2: Sharing from class…

  6. 01:43:44

    Greenwood School 8th Grade Graduation 2014

    by Gary Yost

    3 Videos

    Class of 2014: Graduation ceremony and memory montage.

  7. 11:20

    Greenwood School Winter Faire Trilogy

    by Gary Yost

    3 Videos

    An exploration in 3 parts... the creation of crafts for the Winter Faire, an actual Crystal Fairy blessing, and a documentary about how our school comes together every year to create the magic of…

  8. 08:25

    4-minute iPhone portraits

    by Gary Yost

    2 Videos

    Short personal vignettes of people I know who have done interesting things. Another proof of the "best camera in the world is the one in your pocket" theorem.

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