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After a few wanderings I found my talent and passion for photography at the age of 26. This happened during an introductory course at the art academy of Rotterdam, where I studied interior design.
The next year I folowed an extra class in photography. And the year after that, I switched completely and started studying photography at the PhotoAcademy of Amsterdam. In the 4 years there, I was able to form a strong technical knowledge of the trade, which I enhanced by assisting different photographers.

I found my depth during a masterclass given by Tom van Heel and Edel Verzijl. They pushed me in a direction where I found a new piece of myself, which enriched my way of concept formation.
They told me to do more research on myself and because I was always impressed by the surrealist movement from the twenties, I started there. I found that it wasn’t so much the work itself that touched me, but more the way they came to it.

The automatism and several other ways used to pull ideas out of the subconscious mind intrigue me and give me original starting points for my work. The first series containing this way of working is the Androgyny series, which shows a turnaround in my work.

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