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A professional photographer for several decades, I did everything from photojournalism to jewelry, ending up primarily in portraiture and architectural interiors, all in the days before digital took over. For about 15 years, worked occasionally freelance as a camera op on events for a Washington, D.C. area video company, as well as DP for conference and (very) small studio events and webcasts. Unable to make enough with photography, since I had no interest in the business side of it, I have worked for about 7 years for an IT as a DTP.

Have helped set up some low-budget studios, and taught lighting informally to associates in the political/philosophical movement that has been my primary concern for over 39 years.

Have read a good deal about video and cinematography for years, but am way outpaced by the technology. I know F-stops, not codecs. Unfortunately, I have little time to do much. My one ongoing project is taping interviews of associates in the association, for history's sake.

Canon GL-1,Vixia HF200,mini-fluid head on a heavy Manfrotto, small Lowel kit, a couple of wired Sony lavs. W7 PC w/ i5, Vegas Studio 12, hoping to have a separate machine for video eventually. We all have dreams...

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