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HEALTHY HAPPY was founded on the 15th of March 2012 by Australian born but Amsterdam based Samantha Koch, an avid foodie who recently turned her life around by seriously changing her approach to eating. Her goal? To live a healthier and more enriched life.

After years of working in high pressure environments, partying hard, ignoring her gluten and lactose allergies she was suffering for it in ways she didn't even realise. For the most part, she had taken good care of herself but the times she wasn't, were compounding.

Cutting gluten, lactose and sugar from her diet, eating organic, healthy fats and no processed foods lead to her feeling happier and healthier than she had in a long time. When her friends started to ask for advice seeing the physical and emotional transformation that she had undergone, she decided to share her new found wisdom with world and founded Healthy Happy, a platform to encourage everyone to assess how you eat and the effects it has on your entire being.

Healthy Happy shows her passion for food, cooking and keeping it all healthy! Sharing the inspiration and information with you, which is being discovered along the way :)

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