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Silver Spring, Maryland

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Rickie M. Proctor II is a friendly, loyal and dedicated individual who has an extensive experience in the communications field. He has worked as Producer, Director, Switcher, Camera Man, Editor and a Media Consultant with many non-profit organizations in the Washington, DC Area. Utilizing the professionalism, experience and multitude of contacts gained over the years, Mr. Proctor has helped many startup studios with the buying and purchasing process of equipment. He has also helped to run several studios, including Eubie T.V., a closed-circuit educational television broadcast system at James Hubert Blake High School in Montgomery County, Maryland. There he supported students as they learned the process of making video projects with the schools professional television studio and equipment. Mr. Proctor is proficient with the set up and operation of many non-linear editing systems, cameras, and media equipment, including projectors, projector screen to name a few. Aside from his work with the high school studio, Mr. Proctor has worked collaboratively with YouthMADE.com, Integrity Church International, and Lesole's Dance Project in Maryland. Between all three of these companies, he has proven to be a successful and hardworking Editor, Cameraman, Producer, Director, Switcher, and Media Consultant.


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