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Hi everyone, I'm Gordon Laing, Editor of cameralabs.com and dslrtips.com. I publish reviews of digital cameras and lenses on Cameralabs, along with tutorials on DSLR Tips, most of which include video demos.

I've been into photography since childhood, and made a career of testing technology products since 1992. I'm the former Editor of Personal Computer World magazine in the UK and been published in many UK magazines and papers. The first digital camera I professionally tested was back in 1995 - Apple's QuickTake 100 which had just one third of a Megapixel!

Cameralabs was launched in December 2005, and became a full-time job within two years. Today I work exclusively on Cameralabs trying my best to bring you the most useful and detailed reviews around!

I hope you enjoy my reviews and video samples!


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  1. Can you please shoot at 24p since most of us shoot at that frame rate. Also maybe something cinematic and not stationary would be great as well. Thanks
  2. it seems the Super35 off is a little more sharp and also good looking in objects edges.