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  1. ACS Rochester

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    Now well into its second century, Allendale Columbia is a leading independent co-ed college prep school for students in nursery through grade 12. Learn more about us at the official school blog http://acsrochester.org/ Here, learning goes far beyond books and tests. Allendale Columbia has the…

  2. Jose Bayona

    Jose Bayona New York, NY


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    Jose Bayona is a reporter for NYCity News Service, a project founded by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism that feed stories to news organizations. In the last year, he has worked as writer for NY1 News/Noticias and the AARP online publication, and as social media content manager for The Humpty Dumpty…

  3. Red Shiba Media

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    Filmmaker/Editor www.redshibamedia.com www.facebook.com/redshibamedia

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