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Tbird Luv’s musical genius is about taking risks and creating beauty all at the same time. Her music promotes our subjective beauty and strives to “make the world a better place” from our unique point of view - urging us to take whatever we find beautiful - to stand behind it, support it and proliferate it and make it an important part in the evolution of our species. With a solid Classical Music foundation from Carnegie Mellon University and a World Music and Dance foundation from the California Institute of the Arts, Tbird has worked with greats like Ry Cooder, performed at Festival Au Desert in the Sahara Mali, Africa; Lincoln Center, NYC; and The Yerba Buena Center for The Arts, SF. Working to uplift the mindsets of scarcity in fellow artist activists, her music improvisation provides a roadmap for fellow artist/activists to actualize their purpose and create deeper impact on the development of a new paradigm.

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