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Columbus, Ohio

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I'm a video producer/ director of Cut Away Creations production company out of Columbus, Ohio.
It wasn't born in Ohio, but i sure was raised in Ohio. From Upper Arlington, to Morgan County, to Zanesville, to Athens, and now to Columbus. Through my journey of growing with Ohio I have come to find what a wonderful source of talent that is contained in the buckeye state. I have found musical talent from all corners of the music spectrum, in random bars, and concert venues. I have found alternative athletes that are capable of turning an area that was meant to be forgotten and grown over into a place of pure creation. I have entered myself into competitions to test my talent and to test how well I work within a group. I have conducted peaceful social experiments to test the willingness of total strangers to break out of there social norms to become deviant and different.
I have found all this in the short time of four years, and I cant wait to see what else the world has to offer me, and I just pray that I have a camera by my side.
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