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Woolwich, Maine

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I am an independent filmmaker mostly interested in activism, the environment, Occupy, and documentaries. Since October 2011, I have been documenting the Occupy Movement in Maine. In March 2012, along with Brian Leonard, Bob Klotz, and Andrei Schneller, I began producing OccupyME TV on Portland's community television networ - CTN5. In April 2012, I created my own show, Truth TV: Connecting The Dots for Truth Seekers.

Since my trip to Jeju Island, The Island of Peace, in S. Korea, my focus is on creating the first English speaking documentary on the expansion of U.S. military might in Asia, part of President Obama's "Asian Pivot." I spent three weeks in Korea, two and a half weeks documenting the daily protests at the construction gates of a giant navy base being constructed against the will of 94% of the villagers of Gangjeong Village.

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