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A seeker and surf explorer for the past 43 years, I ride 'em all, 5'6" Astron Zot Single Fins to 14' Skip Frye inspired section connectors.
Ride, Glide, Slide......I take pride in being able to ride a surfboard in the manner it was designed derived from it's characteristics.
I also paddle OC-1 and Stand Up's. I design and shape boards and collaborate with other enthusiastic souls, learn from the past masters and add fresh flavors.
I like Photography and admire Creative Arts, Nature gives me my natural high.
Mahalo for taking the time to read and hope to share a wave some time......... Manawela Boy. A Hui Hou!


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  1. Killah brah!! geevum! Gunnfunit!!
  2. Nice to see the ONLY guy that threaded one of those beasties was a GUFI footer!!! Looks a lot like we get at Snapper Rocks when the sand and tide conspire to tempt us... Sometimes I have seen guys take off what looks like to be below sea level...