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Living Forest social enterprise is a partnership between the Canadian charity - the Trust for Sustainable Forestry ( ) and the for-profit corporation - Living Forest Communities ( ). We are linked at every stage; from first vision statement to the use of the last dollar earned. Primarily we seek to conserve forests and create light-on-the-land residential hamlets.

We place restrictive covenants on 85% of the land so as to permit only the most sustainable form of eco-system based forestry. We also greatly reduce the environmental impact of human activities that occur on the remaining 15% of the land. The communities that are built feature densely clustered home sites modeled after traditional European hilltop towns, and focus on the use of green building technologies such as geo-thermal heating and cooling and integrated water resource management. This model not only protects the most ecologically sensitive areas of the forest, but also promotes local food production, organic gardening, eco-tourism, environmental education, and related value-added timber manufacturing activities.

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