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Alysson Castro is a Brazilian living in New York City. He graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design focused on Motion Design from SVA, the School of Visual Arts, in Manhattan.

In 1996, he left his hometown of Salvador, Brazil, and moved to California to continue his career in skateboarding that began when he was a kid. The skateboarding culture exposed Alysson to all types of underground art, music and design which gave him constant inspiration to develop his own style of drawing and design. So after many years of throwing himself down stairs and hand rails across the country, he made the decision to go back to school to study the arts.

His love of stylized films, movie titles and the art of storytelling lead him to explore the new and expanding field of Motion Graphics. The possibility that he could bring his drawings and designs to life with animation was so exciting that he sold his soul to After Effects and Cinema 4D without hesitation.

Throughout his studies at SVA, internships, and freelance work, Alysson developed a true passion for all things motion. He loves to put his own spin on traditional graphic design elements such as logo design, typography and photography. His design fingerprint can be seen in much of his work.

Alysson's design mantra remains, that all he needs is an Idea, Pencil & Paper to give life to the things that run wild in his mind.

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