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The idea of joining a networking group had until relatively recently never occurred to me. I didn’t know what they were or that they even existed.
To increase the opportunity to increase my business potential I decided to do my research, firstly identifying what I wanted from a Networking group?

Flexibility with the opportunity to dip in and out as circumstances allow

A one off subscription that was not equivalent of a small mortgage
Web site support with a calendar of relevant events

Low cost informative events in quality venues

The opportunity to mix business with pleasure

No pressure to be there every week at day break

No pressure to supply an endless flow of “leads”

A geography that wasn’t restricted by boundaries or similar type services

Opportunity to enjoy myself, develop myself and meet like minded people

Network She was born out of frustration on 6th September 2007 and now boasts an ever increasing membership, an established web site, a wide and varied events calendar, a glossy magazine with a business edge and an annual glittering Awards Night.

Network She is about many things, you are one of them.

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