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Go big, spend small.
That has been the highly successful philosophy of The Garden Creative since its inception in 2009. By following a customer-focused, boutique business model, The Garden Creative has garnered a reputation for creating award-winning work for clients of all shapes and sizes, with incredibly low overhead and a personalized customer service that no other agency can touch. The Garden Creative brings over 25 years of on-the-ground experience in live action, motion graphics, print and social media marketing, with a wagon full of industry awards in tow. But more importantly, The Garden Creative has exclusive access to vendors and crew who are tops in theirs respective fields— from award-winning directors, cinematographers and editors, to art directors and designers. No second fiddles. Just the cream. The wonderful, delicious cream. Mmmm…

Did you see what she was wearing?
We form lasting relationships with clients. That’s because we give you direct access to the people you need to communicate with the most—No snooty assistants, no agitating human firewalls. Just the people you need to reach, when you need to reach them. Have an issue? Go right to the top. Wanna gossip about someone? We’re there for that too. In fact, we like those calls the best. Ask any of our clients* why they trust The Garden Creative with their most important marketing needs and they’ll tell you we’ve got all the ingredients for a successful campaign, and a successful partnership.
(*Clients may have snooty assistants)

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Film and Video
Motion Design
Petting Dogs
Visual Effects
Cocktail Making
Information Graphics
Smelling Nice Soaps
Print Materials
360 Campaigns
Being Mean to Bullies
And More...

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