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  1. That's the only way for it to work in IE7. We have deprecated the object embed code, but it will keep working for the foreseeable future. I would recommend only using that in IE7, and using the iframe embed for newer browsers. Here's the documentation…
  2. So, how should one go about developing a website that needs the Player API and can be experienced in IE7? Someone suggests to use SWObject and Moogaloop
  3. The iframe javascript API is not compatible with less than IE 8. The iframe embed will work on IE 7 though.
  4. Hi Ian, I have created a new post in the API forum however this post is still a vaild issue as we do not use any API features only the embedded iframe. The same JS error occurs on our site in IE7 is it does when visiting the Vimeo Player API playground…
  5. This is a repost of this issue: We are experiencing an issue in IE7 for the embedded iframe Vimeo Player, though we do not use the API currently we have recreated the issue by visiting the Vimeo…
  6. Hi Mark, I'm a developer w/ CarsDot com... the project we're working on is not Live yet so we don't have a URL but we were actually able to recreate this issue using the player tools Vimeo Player API Playground…