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I began my career in Mass Communication almost 20 years ago at The University of Colorado at Boulder. I am passionate about both ideas and the craft of producing them. This passion is fueled by new Music, Art, Architecture, Film, Photography, and Industrial Design. I try to approach projects holistically; looking for appropriate business solutions regardless of the medium. My favorite work combines traditional brand building with the latest technology and high craft to tell stories that seamlessly blend online and offline, entertainment and utility.
I am an award-winning creative, occasional inventor, and caring mentor. I specialize in pitching new business, revitalizing brands, innovating digital experiences, and integrating campaigns. I have extensive knowledge in the luxury sector, fashion verticals, and food and beverage industry, along with a deep understanding of natural living lifestyles and the modern parent.
As a writer, I amplify the joyful aspects of brands with truthful, positive messages. As a mentor, I encourage teams to break conventions, expand collaborations, laugh often, and build camaraderie. As a human, I hope to use my skills to create useful tools, forge durable connections, build lasting products, and spread ideas that matter.
When I'm not working, I can typically be found gallivanting outdoors with my family. I'm an out-of-breath hiker, voracious forager, master open-fire cook, frustrated surfer, skilled hammock hanger, decent snowboarder, miserable tennis player, and champion hot tuber.
I also mentor young creatives, write sketch comedy, direct low-budget shorts, and participate in several goofy collectives including: The Corduroy Appreciation Club, Group312Films, and Prosthetic Fingers Crossed (Sketch Comedy Group). I speak bungled French, but I am fluent in sarcasm. I currently live in Brooklyn, with my patient husband and adorable son Odin Barnaby.

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